Ethics, Morality, and Integrity.

“The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, to be incorruptible, to do the right thing and to have a moral compass that does not waiver” defines the term INTEGRITY.

So where do we draw the line between upholding that which is morally and ethically true versus overstepping that line because our intent is good?  Is there even such a line?

There is a reason and purpose why every country has rules and regulations governing different areas.  One such is the rule and regulations pertaining to the use of any kind of medication, be it chemical, natural or otherwise.  Do we become the Heisenbergs of this world because we think we are above the law and as such flaunt laws and regulations because our intent is good?  Are we really doing good, or are we creating a bigger problem?

The current issue with the illegal (& I put that term first on purpose) and black market, so-called ‘miracle cure’ is that it has created a demon of almost epic proportions.  We, as a group, have stood firm by our moral compass to not get drawn into the illegal trade of this black market substance.  And for that, we are being harassed; called murderers, uncaring, PI partners, and profiteers – aggressive responses because as anyone knows the best form of defense is to attack.  And why do they attack – perhaps because they inherently know that what they are doing is illegal, immoral, unethical and illicit.

Let me ask you this?  Would you steal from your neighbour because he has something you think you need and have a right to? That is exactly the case with the Chinese black market producers – they are stealing the intellectual property of another – not just the property of one, but two very upstanding organisations, namely Gilead Sciences, Inc., AND … The Regents of the University of California! Theft is theft.  There is no degree.  And again the end does not justify the means.  What about the case of the Chinese belief that rhino horn is a miracle cure and that it is justified to poach these beautiful creatures to extinction because after all “this is a miracle cure”?

We want a cure.  We have experienced loss in the same way each and everyone with an FIP angel has – I have lost 3 of my kids to FIP.  Would I turn rogue, steal and defraud to get the treatment if another of my kids falls ill with FIP?  The answer – NO!   You’re likely saying that it is easy to say this but I was faced with a possible case of wet FIP recently – my answer was to get hold of Feline Omega Interferon and PI – ASAP! Treatments that have shown success, and that have survivors – as many actually as the so-called survivors of this ‘miracle cure’. These are not just palliative treatments, yet the zealots debunk them as nonsense, that the survivors don’t have FIP! That is how deluded a cult can become, they lose perspective and only what exists in their world becomes truth.

When someone has to lie about what a product is to bypass the legal systems in place, you should be asking yourselves the question Why? Not, let’s aid and abet this behaviour.  By doing that we become criminals.  And crime takes many forms. What warrants this deception?  This is fraud.  This will land you in jail and will the supplier be there to bail you out?  I doubt it.  Customs officials in a number of countries have been lenient thus far, just seizing the packages.  But I know that if they wanted to push it, it would mean a jail sentence of 6 months at least, and a criminal record for life – if they wanted to hold to the letter of the law. 

And then we come to the treatment itself “Torture With Intent”.  It is not a hidden fact that the treatment is painful, not rabies jab painful, but torture painful – after all how would you react if you were injected with a substance that has a pH of 1.5?  To you and me that is an equivalent pH of pool acid – so I dare you all to get hold of some hydrochloric acid and pour it on your skin, then why not inject it while you’re at it?  I bet at this point I will be labeled mad.  So why are these so-called pet parents not being labeled mad?  Instead they’re being lauded as heroes – heroes for inflicting torture! What a sad, sorry world we have become if justification for wrongdoing makes you a hero. Yet this is what is happening.  How could you willingly and knowingly inflict pain to such a degree on one you’re supposed to love?  To overcome this people are now adding in other meds that are not designed for the purpose of daily intervention of pain.  These meds in themselves come at a price, not monetary but side effects that down the line will leave your loved one dying a death from a means other than FIP.

Why are these people not using their collective to put pressure on the correct and legal path to get this treatment properly researched and trialed?  It never was in the first place.  There are many who are detractors of PI (Polyprenyl Immunostimulant) because there was not a double-blind study done; yet this treatment didn’t hold by that either.  This treatment exploded into the FIP world in February, sans the correct protocols to assess for long-term safety and efficacy.  But it’s being labeled a cure – again a fraudulent claim!  When is something declared a cure?  In cancer, that is after a period of 5 years, and even then it is said to be ‘in remission’. All of this is ‘clever-speak’ to hoodwink the desperate cat parent.  There is an almost cult following that has been established – and as in any cult the members are seen to behave in specific ways, with aggression, with a zeal to convert others to the cause, a blind faith in the messianic leader driving the belief. 

What is happening in the cat world with regards to this so-called ‘miracle cure’ is a travesty.  It is a travesty of epic proportions because people are forgetting their moral compass, they are drawing in innocents who want the best for their cats, without fulfilling their moral obligation to be open about the many negative aspects of this treatment – and this is not even speaking about the illicit, illegal black-market aspect of the treatment.  Here we are speaking of the many cats who are dying still despite being treated, the many cats who have to be given higher and higher doses, without regard to kidneys, liver, spleen and other organs, just to prove this treatment works.  Is this treatment really a cure when a cat has to be given triple the duration of the recommended course?  That’s three times the pain that a cat has to endure at the hands of someone who supposedly loves them.  At what cost do you justify the action to inflict pain?  Is it to boost your ego?  Is it for peer approval?  Rules and regulations have been instituted after long deliberations by experts in various fields for good reason, yet these lay people think they know better. 

Ethics, morality and integrity cannot be thrown aside.  Some will counter that their actions aren’t harming anyone – yet the very actions of these zealots pushing this treatment are.  These people become emotionally and verbally abusive, they become threatening.  And what of the people, with families, who are selling family vehicles, mortgaging/bonding their homes for amounts they cannot repay?  Where will the sellers, no better than ‘drug peddlers’ be when these people lose their homes or cars or cannot provide for their families.  Where then are their ethics and morality?

Our morality is our ability to distinguish between right and wrong, good or bad, justice and crime.  To willingly and knowingly go against what is legal brings the very morality, ethics and integrity into question.  Imagine if we all just did as we pleased – murder, steal, defame, torture, abuse – because we feel we have a right and that the end justifies the means.

We need to uphold our moral compass and have integrity.  Without that we may as well live in a world of chaos – each to their own, following their own rules, damn the rules and regulations of authority.