Welcome to FIP Treatment News.

The first time I heard the words “your cat has FIP” was June 14, 2014. Within days, I joined a FIP support group on Facebook and started educating myself on the disease.

As time went by, I learned a whole lot of things I never thought I’d have to, but I did. That is how I saved my cat: by reading, researching, questioning, and then, deciding a course of action.

I was very active in my first FIP group; I became an admin, then left to start, with my trusted, capable friends, our own FIP Care and Advisory support group.

Over the years, we – admins, moderators, contributors – have helped thousands of cats and their owners through their ordeal. I am proud to say that we helped save many misdiagnosed cats, but also hundreds of cats who became survivors, some for several months, others for years, and many still alive, restored to health and enjoying the life every cat deserves.

On a personal level, I am fortunate to have developed a strong, knowledgeable network of people who give me their unique, medical, legal, or scientific insight on all things FIP. I am very grateful to them.

But it is clear now that Facebook is no longer the most suited platform to provide clear, accurate, essential information.

And that is one of the reasons why I decided to create a space for people to get not just one, but all sides of a story. But the main reason is the same that prompted me to get involved, five years ago: to help cats.

Getting incomplete or erroneous information does not help cats or their guardians. It does not help, either, when the information comes from sources with a personal agenda and a financial interest.

I am proud to say our FIP Advisory and Care Group on Facebook does not receive any compensation, monetary or otherwise, for the work and advice it provides. I don’t believe anyone can remain objective and keep cats’ best interest at heart whenever money is involved.

I decided it was time for me to take the conversation out of the closed, somewhat obtuse confines of Facebook, and into a broader audience. That’s how the idea of FIP Treatment News was born: no hype, no lies, just facts, news, and opinions – oh, and I don’t get paid, either 😉

Fabienne Marie